Founder’s Profile

Hunger and poverty can lead a person to make unexpected decisions.

For 18-year-old Dev Dass Goswami, it was the two issues combined with the apathy he witnessed in his fellow human beings that made him take a pledge to one day, provide food to as many hungry people as possible.

Hailing from a poor family in Haryana, Goswami used to juggle studies and jobs to make ends meet.

One day Dev was stranded at a railway station without money and he hadn’t eaten for 2 days. 

However, what bothered him most were the corpses that he found along the highways and by the sight of the homeless and hungry people who he saw on the roads while he drove his truck.

Goswami decided to become the undertaker for those nameless and faceless people and carry out a proper burial. He started providing food and water to people who would meet during his drives through the highway.

Slowly, his interest in helping other grew more and more and he started giving the homeless a bath, a haircut and food. He got married to Tara who too got inspired by Dev’s efforts. Both of them decided that to devote their life to the homeless. Since 1984, they have been working relentlessly for their welfare.

Goswami is particularly proud of his wife. He belives she is perhaps the only woman in the world, who has carried dead bodies on her shoulders.